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The legislators in the United States are responding to consumer concerns about the handling of personal information. The State of California has found a way of effectively establishing and enforcing the‘proprietary rights’ of their residents - concerning their personal information (and that of minor children).

WCG has strengthened and unified data production for customers within the European Union.So, we are ready to assist other businesses inaccomplishing the next big regulatory challenge.

In a landmark development, all California consumers will have the following rights enshrined in law:

Businesses failing to comply with the determinants of The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 can be subject to the enforcement by the attorney-general up to an amount of $7,500 per violation.

If your company is serving or employing California residents, we recommend starting the process of becoming compliant today. These steps need to be implemented meticulously:

WCG will partner with you to determine your business’ compliance gaps with CCPA and assist you to become compliant.

How WCG will help you

Wilson Consulting Group can help your organization develop a strategic compliance approach.

Achieving these benefits requires organizations to develop a clear understanding of domestic and international regulations that apply to their operations and industry. Compliance assessments and audits are essential to sustain the viability of a system and to avoid violating of the law, while meeting statutory, regulatory, security,and contractual obligations.

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