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Understanding your organization’s cyber security risks and identifying vulnerabilities are essential to protecting sensitive data. Having this understanding is also integral to regulatory compliance efforts. Not knowing your security risks can leave your organization open to attacks and breaches that can result in the loss, misuse or exposure of proprietary information. Security breaches can also lead to significant financial losses, as well as damage your reputation and the trust of your customers.

To establish an effective security strategy, you must begin with an accurate evaluation of your current information security posture.

Wilson Consulting Group’s Comprehensive Security Assessment identifies and thoroughly tests potential points of attack to pinpoint vulnerabilities. A typical comprehensive security assessment consists of the following assessment areas:

Our assessment and security penetration test will:

How WCG will help you

Wilson Consulting Group’s Comprehensive Security Assessment provides a detailed evaluation of an organization’s existing security policies, procedures, controls and mechanisms in relation to best practices and industry standards, such as ISO 27001.

WCG’s security consultants will identify risks and outline specific, actionable steps to improve your overall security posture.

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