Penetration Testing Services

WCG conducts cyber security penetration testing of an organization’s applications, systems and devices to identify vulnerable Internet Protocol (IP) access points, determine where resilience to internal & external attacks and breaches are weak.

What is Penetration Testing?

As IT applications, operating systems, devices and networks become more pervasive, so too do threats and vulnerabilities. For instance, as companies open their networks to outside parties such as customers, partners and suppliers, the traditional boundaries that separated trusted users from unwelcomed intruders are becoming more difficult to define and manage. One way to assess these security threats is through cyber security penetration testing tools.

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated attack against your application or system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. This process determines how effectively an application, system, device, network, procedure or person meets specific security objectives. Penetration testing is invaluable because it mimics real-world attacks to identify methods for circumventing the security features of an application, system or network.

Penetration testing is useful for determining:

  • How well the system tolerates real-world types of attack patterns
  • The level of sophistication an attacker needs to successfully compromise the system
  • Additional countermeasures that could mitigate threats against the system
  • The ability to detect attacks and respond appropriately

When do you need Penetration Testing Services?

We recommend fulfilling a cyber security penetration testing if:

  • Regularly scheduled analysis and assessments are required by regulatory mandates.
  • New network infrastructure or applications were added.
  • Significant upgrades or modifications to infrastructure or applications were made.
  • New office locations were established.
  • End-user policies were modified.
  • Corporate IT was significantly changed.

Once your cyber environment has been modified, the threats on your cyber security will also be changed, which may result in the ineffectiveness of your original security strategies. Don’t hesitate to take a cyber penetration testing (cyber security penetration testing) to minimize the risks to your website and digital infrastructure.

How will WCG help you?

WCG’s Penetration Testing Services are an application of network security assessment offered to government agencies and private organizations who want to evaluate any threats and vulnerabilities to their application and network environment. WCG assists your organization with a cyber penetration testing by following steps below:

  • Pre-engagement Interactions: Our risk management team will begin the client engagement with a kickoff meeting to learn more about the client’s needs, considerations, business goals, and any other crucial information.

  • Information Gathering: Prior to any active assessment activity against a client, our security experts will gather all necessary information to perform a thorough assessment. Depending on the type of assessment, multiple information-gathering approaches may be taken, e.g. internal data gathering.

  • Threat Modeling: The objective of the threat modeling exercise is to understand the impact of technical network-related threats to the business. This high-level exercise is not as complete and thorough as a Comprehensive Security Assessment , but the resulting threat profile will help us ensure that the technical testing considers threats that may have a high impact on business operations.

  • Vulnerability Assessment: During the Vulnerability Assessment , we will evaluate any threats and vulnerabilities to an organization’s information systems and environment. WCG assesses the resiliency of networks and devices that protect, process, store and transmit information. We also identify security issues that might compromise information, systems or devices.

  • Simulation: During this phase, we will perform the actual cyber security penetration test to simulate cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

  • Reporting: WCG provides proof of concepts and deployment recommendations for mitigating identified risks. A complete cyber penetration testing report with clear and concise recommendations will be prepared by our security experts and delivered to the client.

Why WCG?

Leveraging cutting-edge Cyber Security practices, our FedRAMP process, and internal application, we provide an accelerated and simplified approach to evaluate controls and identify deficiencies. Whether you require Cyber Security services, training, or consulting, our adept team ensures a swift and efficient readiness for authorization within 60 days, resulting in an impressive 80% faster time to market.

Our competitive and transparent pricing model eliminates hidden agendas, miscellaneous charges, or add-on fees, offering you a remarkable 40% cost savings compared to other providers. As specialists in Cyber Security training and assessments, our dedicated team boasts unparalleled talent, knowledge, and experience in conducting FedRAMP assessments and consulting in alignment with NIST 800-53 Revision 5.

With unique experiences working alongside federal government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and General Services Administration, as well as corporate cloud services providers serving the federal government, we possess the expertise to ensure the success of your assessments and Cyber Security initiatives.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Our team, seasoned in cyber security, brings unparalleled experience to assist governments and businesses globally. We specialize in defending against cybercrime, reducing risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and transforming IT, security operations, and infrastructure. Our comprehensive services encompass the latest advancements in cyber security to fortify your digital defences effectively.

Practical Guidance

WCG has hands-on IT experts who have extensive knowledge and experience helping businesses.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide simple, straightforward pricing with no hidden agenda, miscellaneous charges, or add-on fees.

Personalized Customer Service

Our personable, dedicated staff to answer any questions you have at any time throughout the process.

Proven Track Records

WCG has an exceptional reputation and track record for numerous services.

Adopting to Your Needs

We develop and customize an approach that suits your immediate requirements and future goals. To achieve this, WCG will provide pragmatic insights and balanced views on how to prioritize any associated actions.

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