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risk management

Aug 9, 2015

Aug 9, 2015

risk management

Viable technological solutions are widely available to assist companies in maintaining an appropriate level of protection against cybersecurity threats; however, there appears to be a widespread unwillingness by companies – big and small – to invest in adequate, up to date technological products. The unfortunate truth is that it is an investment enterprises overlook or simply marginalize. A recent July 2015 Help Net Security study concluded that 22% of CIOs and security managers say their networks were breached in the last 12 months, and yet a staggering 63% have trouble convincing top management that AETs (advanced evasion techniques) – network breaching techniques that implement a multitude of current evasion methods in order to create a new one – exist and are costly.[1]

In the past two years, high-profile multinationals and government entities have withstood network breaches – the most recent and high-profile case being the Office of Personnel Management hack of roughly 22 million past, current and prospective U.S. government employees and their relatives. As detrimental as these events were, they are important in emphasizing the pervasiveness of AETs and how costly they can truly be.

Investment in cybersecurity is hardly single-dimensional; it is not merely about buying effective products. A preventative measure companies can and should take that is beneficial is information security training. In a poll conducted by Help Net Security in July 2015, 55% of respondents said “they could use some training” and 73% of organizations expect to “deal with a major data breach in the year ahead,” which is a clear indication that cybersecurity cannot be a marginalized issue for much longer.[2]Businesses must therefore prepare themselves.

What Does This Mean For You?

Security awareness and training both strengthens employee morale and empowers them to become more aware of cyber and information security. The Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) offers this service in addition to nearly a dozen more, ranging from compliance consulting services – to ensure your company is adhering to the latest national and international security mandates and standards – to risk management, wherein clients receive a comprehensive report of network vulnerabilities, gauging their risk levels. Furthermore, WCG conducts IT governance services, advising clients on how to safely conduct projects, implement policies, and respond to the latest technological changes. Our experience working with companies and governments from a variety of different industry sectors in Europe, North America and the Caribbean is a testament to our versatility and continued success.



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