Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) is effectively positioned to assist pharmaceutical organizations to successfully achieve their objectives and transform and secure their IT environments and applications by providing expert IT governance, risk management, and compliance consulting services.

Regulatory compliance and information security has become critical in every facet of the pharmaceutical industry. The widespread use information technology and network applications make pharmaceutical companies susceptible to cyber crime. This entails losing critical business information such as proprietary research and development data.

The rising costs associated with pharmaceutical research and development, combined with pricing constraints, generic competition, regulatory mandates, and the growing technological sophistication of hackers present tremendous challenges going forward.

Some of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • The need for increased privacy and security of sensitive intellectual property
  • The increasing threat of cyber espionage
  • Compliance with industry requirements and regulatory mandates
  • Minimizing risks and reducing the cost of regulatory compliance
  • Securing and managing information to help minimize security compromises
  • Leveraging new health information technologies

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) is positioned to assist organizations within this industry by:

  • Delivering high quality information technology and security consulting services
  • Securing vulnerable networks against the threat of cyber crime
  • Conducting risk assessments to determine a company’s level of risk exposure
  • Developing security policies to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Designing and implementing secure solutions to improve business performance and increase security posture

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