Common Security Risks And How To Solve Them

Cybercriminals always find new and effective ways to infiltrate sensitive and confidential corporate information and security systems.From malware to online ransoms, different companies of different levels have reported security risks that we often hear and see but never thought would ever happen to us.

How WCG will help you

Wilson Consulting Group can help your organization develop a strategic compliance approach.

Achieving these benefits requires organizations to develop a clear understanding of domestic and international regulations that apply to their operations and industry. Compliance assessments and audits are essential to sustain the viability of a system and to avoid violating of the law, while meeting statutory, regulatory, security,and contractual obligations.

How Wilson Consulting Group will help you

WCG’s application security assessment helps organizations determine whether their off-the-shelf or custom application software contains vulnerabilities that can be exploited. We evaluate applications to minimize the risk of information leakage, authentication and session management breaches, spoofing, impersonation, command injections and denial of service attacks.

The application security assessment also determines whether the software behaves and interacts securely with its users, databases, and other applications.

What WCG can do for you?

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) is a leader and innovator in the global cyber security industry. We provide assurances about your organization’s controls and a collaborative and effective SOC while performing a thorough assessment.Your organization benefits from this service by:

  • Strengthening your brand by identifying and rectifying risks and gaps
  • Helping you understand the health of the controlled environment within your organization
  • Providing recommendations for improvement
  • Inspiring confidence with your stakeholders and clients

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