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SCENARIO: Title IV schools are financial institutions per Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA, 2002). Per FSA PPA & SAIG agreements, these schools must have GLBA safeguards in place. Otherwise they may be found administratively incapable (unable to properly administer Title IV fund).

A private research university needed to create its GLBA program. This is to ensure compliance to protect confidentiality and security of “nonpublic personal information”(NPI).

WCG's STRATEGY: Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) was contracted to develop a GLBA compliance program that would assist the university in implementing correct policies, processes, standards, techniques and technologies to securely collect, handle and transmit NPI.

WCG developed and implemented a tailored GLBA compliance program. This program consisted of:

  • Compliance Program plan
  • Data maps of all processes that transmit, process, and store PII
  • Policies, processes, and standards
  • Awareness, training, and education plan
  • Service providers agreement and process evaluation

WCG RESULTS: A comprehensive GLBA program was created by WCG and validated by the university management. The new program ensured compliance with GLBA and, thereby, improved its security posture.

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