COVID-19 Pandemic

We are here for you.

Wilson Consulting Group is praying for our families, friends and country. We are also individually working within our communities to assist the vulnerable and those in need.

Amid the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, several companies have begun remote work or expanded existing telework policies. As many businesses and personnel transition to working online, we encourage you to stay safe and protected, both physically and in the digital realm. We are committed to providing exceptional service and are here to support your business or agency during this time.

If you (current or potential customer) are facing challenges or simply want to ensure that your business has quality protection, Contact us and we will work with you and develop a plan that is tailored to your needs.

COVID 19 Effects on Cyber Threats

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to its impact on various countries, government and businesses are rapidly changing how and where they operate to ensure the safety and health of their employees, customers, and partners. This new environment is dynamic, and the continually shifting paradigm has significant consequences on organizational and government agencies’ privacy and security postures.

“Work from home” is becoming the new normal for organizations hoping to flatten the curve of the pandemic. As many organizations implement this approach, several challenges are being encountered.

Malicious adversaries are keenly aware of these challenges and the opportunities for abusing this situation to their advantage. This video provides an overview of the increased cyber threats that are happening because of this “new work from home normal.”

Protecting Your Remote Employees During Crisis

Remote working brings new security risks and productivity challenges. As more organizations adopt remote working practices, it is imperative to employ security best practices to ensure that the extended reliance on the remote technologies and cloud services do not expose sensitive data, cause privacy breaches or negatively impact daily operations.

Cyber criminals are tuned in, and they are taking advantage. According to a recent Google Transparency Report, these nefarious actors are proving to be very successful. Google found there were 149,195 active phishing websites in January. That number rose by 50 percent in February to 293,235 websites. In March, there are 522,495—a 350 percent increase since the beginning of the year. Scammers are using this pandemic to their advantage, layering coronavirus themes to steal data and trick their victims. It is essential that organizations have viable and practical guidelines, training, and technologies and training in place to combat these threats.

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