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IT governance is about making good investment decisions that enable individuals and organizations to manage information effectively and efficiently. The widespread availability of IT has dramatically changed the way businesses and government agencies acquire,transmit, process, store, retrieve, communicate and use information, profoundly affecting how firms operate and compete.

From large corporations to small firms, the influence of information technology is pervasive, affecting even the smallest departments and managerial decision-making processes. It is a serious mistake to think of the challenges associated with IT as totally different from those found in other business areas.

IT governance comprises the decision framework and processes that businesses and government agencies use to make investment decisions and drive business value. However, successful implementation of governance is still elusive for many organizations.

How WCG will help you

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) assists businesses and government agencies by offering practical frameworks, processes, and tool kits to optimize existing governance systems or initiate governance for the first time.

By mastering IT governance, senior management can greatly improve investment decisions, and maximize business value.

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