Financial Institutions

Today’s data-driven, hacker-filled digital world presents unique opportunities for growth in the financial industry. However, the challenges to financial IT are persistent and constantly evolving.

Financial institutions are faced with ever-increasing information technology and security challenges. This is largely due to rapid technological developments, increased customer demand for privacy and security, and the need to comply with regulatory mandates. National regulators and standard setting organizations play an essential role in striking a balance between technological advancement and financial security.

Wilson Consulting Group’s (WCG) IT governance, risk management and compliance consultants and engineers have the expertise to address these needs by:

  • Develop and introducing an enterprise-wide risk management program
  • Develop a risk-based compliance control framework
  • Responding to the evolving challenges of regulatory compliance
  • Assessing the current and future regulatory risk profile
  • Conducting impact assessment of new regulations
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to:
  • Achieve greater business value
  • Identify and manage regulatory risks
  • Redesign service function(s) to meet exacting customer demands
  • Develop enterprise security policies and incident handling procedure and processes handbooks
  • Identify critical issues in financial management systems and applications and simplifying complex change where necessary

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