Case History: IT Governance for Howard University School of Social Work

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) conducted a review of the center’s systems, and then provided recommendations and developed a strategic plan that enabled them to transform the methods used to provide services to the undeserved population; the center’s primary focus.

About Our Client

The Howard University School of Social Work (HUSSW) was established as an autonomous unit in 1935, although instruction was offered in social services as early as 1914 . In 2020, the U.S. News and World Report ranked our school in the top 20% of social work programs. Today the School of Social Work is a more complex institution than ever before. The curriculum is richer and enhanced by new courses, electives and concentrations. The student body is more diverse in terms of family background, geographic origin, nationally and internationally, age and persons with disabilities.

Teaching remains the core faculty activity, however, research, knowledge development, training and technical assistance have become important areas of faculty activity. Research, knowledge development and funded projects are major aspects of the life of the School. The Presidential Commission on Academic Renewal (PCAR) ranked both the MSW and PhD as top programs at the University.

  • Scenario

  • Named after one of America’s leading sociologists and one of Howard’s graduates, the E. Franklin Frazier Center for Social Work Research under Howard University aims to educate the academe and encourage organizational and societal solutions for cultural and socio-political minorities in the States. They work with multiple disciplines and institutions inside and outside of the university in order to provide research and training opportunities to those in need. In order to streamline collaborative research projects and synchronize operating systems, the center was in need of more advanced information technology services
  • WCG Strategies

  • Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) offered the Information Technology (IT) Governance Service and conducted a review of the center’s systems. Through WCG’s recommendations, the research center was able to align with their IT department, set reachable goals, and create metrics to measure IT’s performance.
    This then enabled the Center to transform the methods used to provide services to the underserved population — the center’s primary focus. WCG also developed a budget to support the system improvements and implementation.
  • The Outcome

  • The strategic plan gave the Frazier Center vastly improved methods of support and research. Its implementation provided the Center with the ability to create information technology-based solutions and services to enhance internal operating and management processes in a timely fashion, thus enabling more efficient and effective operations.

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