Cyber Security Assessment | Case History

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) effectively assisted an independent, co-ed, non-profit international school which needed a cyber security assessment to identify threats and vulnerabilities to its infrastructure.


Corporations and nonprofit organizations rely on information technology to get work done and to meet the objectives of their missions. Now, more than ever, sensitive information is digitized which makes it vulnerable to cyber threats.

Cyber-attacks damage an institution’s reputation, disrupt the operation of a business, and cost time and money to re mediate the impact of an attack.

An independent, co-ed, non-profit international school needed a cyber security assessment to identify threats and vulnerabilities to its infrastructure.

WCG Strategies

The school requested WCG to conduct an assessment that will identify risks to its systems, devices, applications, and databases.

WCG conducted cybersecurity test that:
  • scanned internal and external networks
  • assessed the resilience of selected devices that protect, process, and store or transmit information
  • identified security issues that could lead to the compromise of information
  • assessed security of application design and configuration within the specified environment
  • verified critical and high-risk findings

The Outcome

WCG successfully assessed the cybersecurity vulnerability of the organization and provided specific recommendations to address these. The organization’s information systems become more resilient and less vulnerable to cyberattacks after recommendations provided by WCG were implemented.

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