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Corporate governance is a set of responsibilities and practices used by an organization to provide strategic direction, thereby ensuring that goals are achievable, risks are properly addressed, and organizational resources are effectively utilized.

Information technology was once only considered a tool to help an organization achieve its strategy, but today it is regarded as an integral part of that strategy. IT governance is a structure of relationships and processes to help an organization achieve its goals by adding value and balancing risks.

Good IT governance aligns information technology with an organization’s overall objectives to achieve the best possible benefits.The establishment of IT governance must include all concerned stakeholders, such as senior management, process owners, IT supplies, users and auditors.

How WCG will help you

Wilson Consulting Group’s (WCG) IT Governance Service enables organizations to:

  • Align IT strategy with their business strategy
  • Develop and/or provide organizational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategy and goals
  • Create constructive relationships and effective communications between the business and IT with the help of external partners
  • Effectively measure IT performance
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