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Wilson Consulting Group assists businesses and government agencies by offering practical frameworks, processes, and tool kits to optimize existing governance systems or initiate governance for the first time.

What is IT Governance?

Information Technology (IT) governance is the decision framework and processes that businesses and government agencies use to make investment decisions and drive business value. It enables senior management to make good investment decisions that helps individuals and organizations to manage information effectively and efficiently. The establishment of IT governance must include all concerned stakeholders, such as senior management, process owners, IT supplies, users and auditors.

The widespread availability of IT has dramatically changed the way businesses and government agencies acquire, transmit, process, store, retrieve, communicate and use information, profoundly affecting how firms operate and compete. However, successful implementation of governance is still elusive for many organizations.

Successful IT governance aligns information technology with an organization’s overall objectives to achieve the best possible benefits. Key benefits of IT Governance include, but are not limited to:

  • Allows executive management and staff within your organization to set expectations, participate, communicate, and establish accountability
  • Provides clarity between the business strategy and the IT strategy and initiatives
  • Increases dependence on information technology and information security

Challenges of IT Governance & Our Solutions

Our Solution: WCG can help assigned roles and responsibilities for IT management to effectively deal with oversight organizations on IT matters. We can also develop a framework for organizing your IT workforce under a centralized model

Our Solution: We can help establish metrics to track implementation progress and performance improvements to keep your organization optimized

Our Solution: Having IT Governance services enterprise-wide can position your company for maximum business effectiveness and improved success over the long term.

Our Solution: During your service request, we can provide a gap analysis that assesses departmental policy, procedures and tools for data security, to identify gaps and provide recommended remediation in identified areas.

How will WCG help you?

Wilson Consulting Group’s IT Governance Services will help optimize organizations with:

  • Strategy: We will design the operational strategy with cost modeling and cost alignment to understand your company's mission and goals. We will also create the portfolio framework which includes policies, procedures and processes that align with your business.
  • Design: Our IT governance design includes service catalog creation, IT governance technology strategy, service modeling and service infrastructure design to ensure that the gaps are secure based on your priority and budget.
  • Transition: Continuity: We help companies with process implementation, training strategies and provide assistance in determining if services or application are ready and operational. Additionally, WCG offers service evaluation, service reporting, service risk analysis, and preparations for ISO audits
  • Operation & Improvement: We help your company effectively measure IT performance and implement change within your environment, when necessary

Why WCG?

Leveraging cutting-edge Cyber Security practices, our FedRAMP process, and internal application, we provide an accelerated and simplified approach to evaluate controls and identify deficiencies. Whether you require Cyber Security services, training, or consulting, our adept team ensures a swift and efficient readiness for authorization within 60 days, resulting in an impressive 80% faster time to market.

Our competitive and transparent pricing model eliminates hidden agendas, miscellaneous charges, or add-on fees, offering you a remarkable 40% cost savings compared to other providers. As specialists in Cyber Security training and assessments, our dedicated team boasts unparalleled talent, knowledge, and experience in conducting FedRAMP assessments and consulting in alignment with NIST 800-53 Revision 5.

With unique experiences working alongside federal government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and General Services Administration, as well as corporate cloud services providers serving the federal government, we possess the expertise to ensure the success of your assessments and Cyber Security initiatives.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Our team, seasoned in cyber security, brings unparalleled experience to assist governments and businesses globally. We specialize in defending against cybercrime, reducing risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and transforming IT, security operations, and infrastructure. Our comprehensive services encompass the latest advancements in cyber security to fortify your digital defences effectively.

Practical Guidance

WCG has hands-on IT experts who have extensive knowledge and experience helping businesses.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide simple, straightforward pricing with no hidden agenda, miscellaneous charges, or add-on fees.

Personalized Customer Service

Our personable, dedicated staff to answer any questions you have at any time throughout the process.

Proven Track Records

WCG has an exceptional reputation and track record for numerous services.

Adopting to Your Needs

We develop and customize an approach that suits your immediate requirements and future goals. To achieve this, WCG will provide pragmatic insights and balanced views on how to prioritize any associated actions.

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