Automation of Cybersecurity and the Role of Virtual CISOs


Feb 12, 2019

Feb 12, 2019


2018 presented the possibilities and opportunities for cybersecurity. Unfortunately, these same technological advancements can be used for cybercrime. According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report , malware and cyber threats continue to increase each year. Since 2017, there has been a 54% increase in mobile malware making systems more and more vulnerable. Cisco’s report shows that ransomware attacks exponentially increase by 350% per year, showing cause for urgency. With hackers and cyber criminals finding different ways to finesse through protected networks and hardware, it is high time for corporations to counter these threats. Let’s discuss the need for cybersecurity experts.

The Great Decline in Cybersecurity Experts

Corporations need all the help they can get to counter malware and DDoS attacks as private information and data increase in value. Securing the company’s network keeps their customers and employees out of harm’s way. However, by 2021, Cybersecurity Ventures reports that there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings. This is happening because companies are not able to keep up with the exponential rise of cybercrimes.

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, corporations should be able to harness these tools to protect their own. However, without the people who know how to operate these systems, businesses will remain unprotected.

What does a CISO do?

Introducing CISO or Chief Information Security Officer. This person makes major, difficult cybersecurity decisions, and stands at the frontlines against cyber threats and cyber criminals. Citigroup pioneered this term, hiring Steve Katz as their very first CISO .

A CISO analyzes threats and keeps up to date with latest technological advancements, creating strategies to help lessen the risks and protect the system. They set up the necessary hardware to filter out elementary viruses and keep an eye on the flow of information in the company. This person knows how to manage the business’ software and applications properly and makes proper recommendations to strengthen these tools.

Why your Company needs one

You’ll have someone reliable

A CISO should have at least 10+ years of experience with risk management and cybersecurity jobs. Because of this background, a CISO becomes a credible source of advice and recommendations—especially when proposing solutions to the higher-ups. They will be the direct voice in the boardroom and can bring cybersecurity issues to the front.

Your network will be more secure

Hiring a CISO will greatly reduce the risks that the company network is vulnerable. 2019 is not the year to be complacent with updating firewalls and anti-virus software. Having an expert provides a security net over the company and is a better option than a trial-and-error process.

You want someone who can work independently

Now with a CISO in the company, the cybersecurity department can be left in their hands. Given their credentials, a CISO knows what they’re doing and will need minimal guidance or supervision.

With cyber criminals upping their game, it’s time for corporations to add someone new to their team. Without CISOs to put up safety measures and strengthen already existing software, your company could suffer from a data breach.
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