Combat Cybercrime in Your Business


Sep 7, 2018

Sep 7, 2018


Conducting business online opens several opportunities but also poses risks. Earlier this year, hundreds of companies had data breaches, exposing sensitive information of clients and employees.

Klook, a phone application that does millions of bookings every month, announced on the 29th of June that around 8% of their users’ information had been compromised through a faulty tool their company used to manage their website. Similar scenarios happened with Adidas, Orange, and TaskRabbit in the same month.

Given the access everyone has to the internet, safety and security should be the utmost priority, especially when companies such as Klook or TaskRabbit conduct transactions and payments online. The following are five tips to keep your business secure:

Update Systems

Keep the organization up-to-date with cybercriminals’ latest tactics and update the company’s processes, policies, and systems to minimize the threats. Phishing, identity theft, and hacking are still common forms of cybercrime.However, outsidersare not the only thing threatening the company’s security.

Outdated and unpatched software, firewalls, and endpoint protection software should be regularly updated. Install data-loss prevention, anti-spyware, and other viable risk-assessment software that monitor the network’s activities and prevent possible breaches. Malware is everywhere on the internet, and these basic tools could save the company thousands of dollars from a hacking incident.

Give Software rights to Experts

Keep data as private as possible. Reserve administrative software controls for employees whohave the approval to use them and with necessary training and experience. Encrypt communication on wireless networks, encrypt and monitor confidential drives and folders, and establish strong authentication policies that should be followed by the entire company.

Regularly clear cookies and scan the network for possible security breaches.

Filter access to the company’s data

Securing company protocols is not enough. Partner with cybersecurity experts that can help manage the company’s system and point out cracks and holes that need fixing. When it comes to paying suppliers via online payments, ensure that the payment channels are credible and that the Internet including the Wi-Fi connections are secure.

Wi-Fi passwords, admin passwords, and other authentication mechanisms should be protected, regularly changed, and kept among people who need to know. If the company is small, limit this knowledge to the IT department and other department heads to prevent information leaks.

Restrict certain websites by using filters

Training employee to put a premium on confidentiality with proper surfing guidelines. This will make them more vigilant from phishing techniques, doubtful websites or spam emails. A business’ security policy is essential to an employee’s basic knowledge. Provide employments with an action and contingency plan in case of virus infection or information breach.

Filtering through websites begin with the browser the company chooses to use. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox all have safety settings that can be tweaked according to the company’s preferences. Block websites listed as ‘Unsafe’ and torrenting or file sharing sites.

Combat Cybercrime

As technology evolves and improves, there are techniques to stay one step ahead of those with bad intentions for your company. Wilson Consulting Group’s (WCG) offers a comprehensive suite of services that can assist your company fight against malware and cyber-attacks.

WCG offers vulnerability assessment and privacy assessment to help in determining your risk of malware attacks, and guides you in choosing the right endpoint solutions for your environment.

We also offer security and development training, security analytics solutions and other services that can assist your organization in the fight against malware. Make the step in securing all vectors and channels in your organization to minimize risks and improve your security profile.

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