Do You Need A Data Analytics System?

data analytics

Jan 28, 2021

Illustrated Data Analytics practice in Excel

Jan 28, 2021

data analytics

Data analytics (DA) involves processes and activities designed to obtain and evaluate data to extract useful information. The results of DA may be used to identify areas of key risk, fraud, errors, or misuse; improve business efficiency, verify process effectiveness, and make more-informed business decisions.

Data and Analytics services aid an organization to utilize data to find new opportunities. Once you adopt data analysis method in your business, you can analyze the causes of particular events based on the data, understand the objectives and directives for your business, and you will have technical insights of the business using an easy to understand language.

Data and Analytics can position organizations to be proactive and predictive to gather insights of consumers and optimize business performance. By employing DA in your organization, you can minimize operation costs which improves the rate on investment. Data analytics systems enables entities to analyze attitudes and underlying factors for faster and smarter decision making which in turn boosts growth and promotes business expansion. While Data analytics systems pushes the customer’s needs and satisfaction to the forefront, the infrastructure also helps organizations to mitigate risks and protect against fraudulent threats.

According to a Sept. 2018 ISACA article, some organizations are still on the fence about implementing data analytics systems in their cyber infrastructure. They cite concerns about “customer’s data security” and the “lack of experience and skills implementing (data analytics) technologies could cause quality issues, which may lead to inaccurate analysis.” To aid in security for these concerns, ISACA noted in Nov. 2019 that the “machine learning” capabilities as well as the security controls that data analytics systems employ can help organizations “strengthen their cybersecurity parameters so they can receive alerts whenever there is a deviation in the normal sequence of things, and consequently, thwart cybersecurity threats.”

Is your company in need of a Data Analytics system? You should connect with our award-winning experts. WCG’s Data Analytics experts can design and develop your organization’s data governance and framework while ensuring compliance with regulations. WCG’s analytics solutions leverages data visualization, machine learning, predictive modeling, risk assessment, and system testing to transform data into actionable business intelligence while ensuring the protection and confidentiality of the source data and results. WCG identifies areas of key risk, fraud, errors, or misuse, set up evaluation metrics like false positives rate, and customer conversion rate to keep track of the customized performance based on the needs of your organization. WCG’s data analytics systems can also help your organization explore feasible growth opportunities, increase return on investments (ROI), and reduce project budgets.

As an innovative, global cybersecurity and information technology consulting firm, Wilson Consulting Group recognizes that data analytics is a top priority for businesses and government agencies.

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WCG is an innovative global cybersecurity consulting firm that aims to provide companies with solutions to keep their systems secure. We provide Data and Analytics services that can foster innovative solutions, optimize productivity, maximize profit, and successfully protect your organization’s information to move you towards a data-driven future.

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