Protecting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises from Cyber Threats


Oct 13, 2017

Oct 13, 2017


Protecting your small or medium sized business from cyber threats is no simple task. This is because cybersecurity is a process, not a result. An effective cybersecurity strategy involves many moving parts and a multitude of factors both internal and external to the organization. The need for a cybersecurity strategy is urgent as new scams and hacks are being developed daily. Many firms hit with cyber-attacks are oblivious to the danger. According to a new Nationwide Insurance survey, nearly half of companies that were impacted by a cyber-attack did not know that one had even occurred1. This highlights a major concern for business. Cyber threats are some of the biggest threats facing modern businesses today. Recently, cyber-attacks and data breaches have held a prominent place in media headlines such as WannaCry, Petya, Equafax and the NSA data breach, just to name a few.

Web-based technologies and applications allow small businesses to be more agile, innovative, flexible and all around more productive. Unfortunately, these technologies and applications can present an increased security risk. This risk is often exasperated by the strict budget and staffing restrictions that small to medium sized businesses face. It is no secret that cybercrime is not just restricted to large multinational corporations, businesses of all sizes can be targeted. In today’s business environment, it is crucial that small and medium sized businesses take steps to defend their technological systems and networks. However, this can be difficult when a business simply does not have the budget or resources to bring a team of IT and security specialists onto their payroll. For this reason, an increasing number of small businesses are cutting costs while bolstering cybersecurity by consulting industry experts.

Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) prides itself on being a cybersecurity champion for small and medium sized businesses. We have extensive experience helping companies of all sizes from international corporations to small firms with a few employees. We take that experience to all our clients helping them achieve their strategic cybersecurity, compliance, and/or technological objectives. WCG has an array of cybersecurity and governance services to meet the IT needs of businesses from a multitude of industries. For our small and medium sized clients, we recommend a vulnerability assessment as it will provide a comprehensive view of their security posture. This is a crucial step in protecting against cyber threats. Knowledge is power, the best way to begin protecting data is to have a full understanding of your current level of vulnerability.

WCG’s Vulnerability Assessment service is an application database, system, and network security assessment designed to evaluate any threats and vulnerabilities to an organization’s information systems and environment. WCG assesses the resilience of networks and devices that protect, process, store and transmit information. We also submit a written report of our findings with actionable recommendations for remediation if necessary.

Our Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Identifies vulnerabilities within all technologies
  • Analyzes and differentiates false-positives and false-negatives
  • Allows for complete access to a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts
  • Provides unmatched strategic advice and recommendations for improved security

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