What Football Players and Your Network Have in Common

risk management

Aug 12, 2015

Aug 12, 2015

risk management

Remaining ahead of the curb is crucial in cybersecurity. Organizations that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks must ensure their lines of protection are not outdated – falling behind in this aspect results in a loss of ground to potential hackers. There are innumerable network solutions that are currently on the market that bolster network security and help drastically reduce the risk of an attack. But as the market grows, it makes choosing a plan of defense increasingly complex, let alone selecting appropriate solutions.

As bizarre as it sounds, networks with solid security can be equated to effective NFL players. Let us explain:

An effective NFL player endured training. If the coach is capable, he will identify and address a relatively high volume of attributes the player can improve.

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is this process’ equivalent. If it is conducted meticulously by an experienced firm, it exposes the weaknesses in the IT infrastructure. The pen test emulates the security breach of a hacker. This enables an IT professional with your best interests to infiltrate the system before a malicious perpetrator has the opportunity to do so. Moreover, it restricts the range of threats because hackers now have to outsmart the skilled tester.

An effective NFL player protects himself on the field through the development of strength, wit, and well-fitted padding, so that his mobility and performance are not hampered.

Specific solutions and services can be implemented to remediate some of the issues found in a penetration test. The solutions should not have a negative impact on the network’s performance and reliability, but rather strengthen it.

An effective NFL player meets a certain level of standards(whether it is a certain 40 yard dash time, collegiate/high school career statistics, or a given number of 225lb bench-press repetitions).If met, his prospective team can be certain of his resilience in a game setting.

Ensuring that your organization adheres to national and international compliance standards improves your security posture and guarantees that it can function in the perilous internet environment.

It is crucial not to disregard the importance of a coach’s caliber. The quality of the coach will be reflected in all aspects of his athlete’s performance. Likewise, the better the IT firm, the more meticulous and thorough the penetration test will be and the likelier it will be for clients to achieve improved compliance standards.

Universities, banks, health care organizations, cloud computing application and service providers, the federal government, and private and public companies around the world have sought out the Wilson Consulting Group’s services. Stellar performances as service providers, IT change management consultants and product resellers have garnered us notable track records and experience that is unparalleled in this field. Our approach may commence with a penetration test, conducted by our elite IT specialists. Once we present the test’s findings, we offer optional remediation services. If this option is selected, we will provide a number of services that can bridge some of the systems and network’s gaps. Our commitments to ensure that our clients are best equipped to mitigate technological risks, which is reinforced by our mantra: your security is our priority.

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