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WCG utilizes its experience, state-of-the-art security techniques, processes, tools and best practices to assist organizations to recognize and minimize cyber security threats and protect critical information systems and assets.

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Protecting sensitive and proprietary data from cyber threats is a constant challenge for organizations big and small. A company’s success depends on its ability to counter internal and external attacks, while staying one step ahead. Over the past decade, information technology has become essential to the productivity of the world’s workforce, as increased demand for integrated information, systems and technologies continues to broaden.

Countless numbers of organizations offer services online. These services, of course, often transmit, process and store sensitive information. The emergence of social media applications only adds to the complexity of risks to networks and systems.

Corporations and government agencies are under siege as botnets and scareware infiltrate their networks, stealing trade secrets, internal documents and proprietary information. The implantation of undetected viruses slowly and quietly manipulates systems and networks, ultimately causing costly breaches and denial of service. Viruses can even erase entire systems. So it goes without saying that securing information is vital to the success and well-being of every organization.

How WCG will help you

WCG’s Cyber Security Assessment team can help your organization better understand its cyber weaknesses. Our highly skilled information security team has the expertise to identify, evaluate, minimize and eradicate threats to your network infrastructure.

Our holistic approach enables us to build a plan of action tailored to a specific organization’s needs. We understand the complexities and technological mechanisms needed to secure network infrastructures. Wilson Consulting Group offers real solutions, workforce training and a proven methodology of best practices to ensure continued viability.

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