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Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) is effectively positioned to assist organizations in numerous industries to successfully achieve their objectives and transform and secure their IT environments and applications by providing expert IT governance, risk management, and compliance consulting services.

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Cyber Security Consulting Services

WCG offers an extensive range of cyber security, IT governance, and risk and compliance services that will transform your technological and security weaknesses into strengths.

How to Meet GDPR Requirements:

Protect your company from potential financial or reputation harm and set a competitive advantage by being trustworthy and GDPR-compliant.

Wilson Consulting Group

Cyber security is a growing threat due to the increased usage of technology in the work place. At WCG we specialize in governance, compliance and risk management, providing our clients with strategic guidance, technical solutions, and business advice to best serve their individual needs.


There are many reasons why businesses chose to partner with WCG, some of which are our Trustworthiness, Tech-Savy, Knowledgeable.

Healthcare and Cyber Attacks

The Healthcare Industry has been highly targeted by cyber criminals in recent years. At WCG we have years of experience in protecting organizations in the healthcare industry. We ensure that your organization is protected from cyber attacks and also remains compliant to HIPAA and other industry regulations.

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